Meet Renata


You may have clicked on this page to find out a little bit about the person behind the Life in balance by Renata blog. Well, it isn’t quite difficult to guess my name, is it? So let me tell you something you can’t tell just by looking at my blog’s name.

young girl with strawberries
Author of the Life in balance by Renata blog

My full name is Renata Mavrić and I come from Croatia where I currently live. In a couple of months I will be a food technology student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Most of the time you can find me in the kitchen, my escape room where I could (I do) spend hours and hours creating delicious, home-cooked meals, or taking amazing photo of my dishes. There is something about food that is simply amazing to me and I can say it is a big part of my life. I believe good food has a great impact on my life, it has changed me as a person and allowed me to grow.

When I’m not cooking I am either teaching dance lessons or dancing myself. If I manage some free time from that… well, I’m secretly a geek so books and research for me, please!

In my early teens I have developed a few health issues while sacrificing a lot of energy and commitment to training dance. I am currently battling with period loss which is why balance came as a priority to my life.

Balance, health, happiness and being nice to myself, others and to nature is what I strive for. And the search for balance is something that fascinates me in everyday life.

young girl with flowers
Author of the Life in balance by Renata blog

But what are my goals, why did I create this blog?

I wish to tell you my story and share inspiration with you. Create my voice. To show healthy food isn’t boring and bland but tasty and important.

I wish to share my passion and my love for food.

So, welcome…

Welcome to my blog.