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What I eat in a day- easy and healthy recipes

If eating healthy all the time seems impossible, then you are looking wrong. Healthy food is the food that makes you feel great!

And this is what I ate in a day to stay happy, healthy and fit!

I like to keep my diet outside any category and prefer to eat a variety of mostly whole plant-based foods. I found eating this way gives me so much energy and, honestly, my body is thankful for the way I eat. Staying away from junk food, excess sugars and minimizing the amount of meat and dairy I consume really makes me feel strong, clear-minded and ready to take on the world!

Aside from a healthy diet, working out is essential to our well-being so I don’t forget to hop around a bit and stretch here and there. I like to think cooking is a good exercise as well so maybe you should try and make some of the recipes I’ll show you below!

So, let’s get started with my today’s menu!



Raspberry smoothie bowl with raw granola for hormonal balance

If you have read my quick bio, you’d know about my period loss which is why I include loads of healthy fats in my breakfast! Flax seeds are an amazing source of omega 3-fatty acids, dietary fibers and minerals such as manganese, thiamine and magnesium. Flax seeds also contain antioxidant substances called lignans which promote hormonal balance.

I must say that the flax seed and nuts raw granola is incredible and you should definitely try to top your smoothies with it!

Healthy raspberry nice cream bowl
Raspberry  smoothie bowl decorated with strawberries and raw granola for the best breakfast 

For the raspberry smoothie I’ve blended up 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries, 1/2 of a frozen banana, a couple of fresh strawberries and 3 tbsp cold-pressed flax seed oil with just a little bit of coconut water.

For the raw granola I have finely grounded 3 tbsp of whole flax seeds in my blender. To the grounded flax seeds I then added 8 almonds and 4 walnuts. Once everything was blended I mixed in 1/2 tbsp of local honey and served it on top of the smoothie bowl. I always prepare the raw granola fresh in the morning because flax seeds are best eaten right after grinding them.

Healthy raspberry nice cream
Raspberry smoothie bowl decorated with strawberries and raw granola for the best breakfast

All in all, this breakfast is something what is going to start-off my day and feed my body all the good stuff it needs to function properly. I’ve found the flax seed oil will helps regulate my appetite throughout my day.

SNACK 12:00 am

Healthy “alien”sunflower seeds cookies with walnuts and raisins

For a quick snack I had on hand a couple of healthy sunflower seed cookies with walnuts, raisins and chocolate chips. These cookies are special because they turn green on the inside from the chemical reaction between the sunflower seeds and baking soda. Also, they are really tasty, and make a perfect chewy cookie. And a perfect snack if you ask me! A snack that keeps you satiated until lunch time.

cookies on a baking sheet
healthy sunflower seeds cookies that turn green




LUNCH 15:00 pm

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with brown rice and a tangy tahini dressing

roasted veggies and rice
Healthy roasted vegetables with rice.

The name might sound fancy, but it is actually a simple, everyday lazy lunch.

The “chop up a few veggies, throw them in the oven, cook some rice, drizzle it with tahini, serve with greens” technique is my thing. And this is exactly what I did today!

I sliced one aubergine, 2 vine tomatoes, 1/2 cup of chickpeas, 1 red onion and 1/2 of a bulb of fennel. I lightly salted the vegetables with rosemary salt, sprinkled with red chili pepper flakes and pepper and then set to bake for 35 minutes in the oven at 200°C. Aside from the veggies I had around 1/2 cup of cooked mixed green lentils and brown rice, fresh rocket, toasted almonds and an avocado rose. Feel free to skip the rose, but I just love to make my food look beautiful… You know what they say- we eat with our eyes first. The dressing was made with tahini, olive oil, alceto balsamico and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

delicious food
healthy roasted vegetables and rice salad

I should add it is always important to balance out your meals- to have a serving of carbs (the rice), protein (the chickpeas and the lentils), good fats (the avocado, tahini and olive oil) and of course, loads of vegetables, especially the green ones!


DESSERT 17:00 pm

Dark chocolate, coffee and healthy chocolate hazelnut bliss ball

I have a habit of enjoying a cup of barley coffee with rice milk after my lunch. I am slightly addicted to the warm drink that calms me down and comforts me after working hard that day. Also it pairs well with a good-quality dark chocolate. And chocolate is something I am seriously addicted to! Usually I’ll go for the 70% cacao chocolate because for me it has the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Once I’ve even tried the 99% cacao chocolate… I can’t quite tell I was so enthusiastic about it after trying it, but hey- it was healthy!

barley coffee in a mug
barley coffee with rice milk


A square (or two) of chocolate was not the only treat for me today and I’ve also enjoyed a delicious and decadent raw hazelnut bliss ball from the Like chocolate blog as well.

healthy sweet treat
hazelnut chocolate bliss balls

For the healthy chocolate hazelnut bliss balls I’ve blended 150 g of toasted hazelnuts and 1 tbsp of flax seeds to a fine consistency. Then I added 2 tbsp cacao powder, a pinch of salt, 8 dates, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp plant milk and 1 tsp vanilla extract to blend again. From the sticky mixture I’ve made 12 small balls. Coating the bliss balls in ground hazelnuts made them look extra special. I can now keep the leftovers in the fridge to have them handy for later. Trust me, they make an amazing afternoon pick me up!

DINNER 20:00 pm

Wholesome seed bread rolls with tahini, strawberries and honey

For dinner I usually have something that won’t upset my stomach and I tend to have a smaller portioned meal. I do eat a lot throughout the day so I skip on the heavy meal at night which really helps my sleep.

The reason why I love these “no-bread” seed bread rolls is because they don’t make me feel bloated or hungry at 11 pm when I’m getting ready to go to bed.

They are the perfect bread replacement and are so easy to make! Please try out the recipe, I promise you will adore them as well.

So for dinner I’ve just toasted up a bread roll, slathered it with tahini (sesame paste), added a couple of strawberry slices and some honey for good measure. Sounds about right, huh?

healthy sweet toast with tahini
tahini and strawberry toast


And that is what I ate today!

I really hope you liked my menu for today.

Please comment down below if you like this type of a blog post and I’ll be sure to share an another What I eat in a day post.

Also don’t forget to show me your recreations of any of my meals. Just use the hashtag #lifeinbalance on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll be happy to find them!

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